Saturday, August 31, 2013

NO WAR for Syria!

Many people are going to ask me, “Leon, how can you not support war to free the Syrian people from genocide?”   I will then turn around and ask, how will going to war, help the Syrian people?  The reality is, war will not stop BARBARIC leaders from being BARBARIC and primitive.  What we have in these foreign countries are a lot of ancient primitive thinkers with modern weapons, and that’s never a good combination.  Here is Leon’s proposal:

1.       Tell the news media to stop instigating fights.  If it were not for the news media always showing us troubles in every remote part of the world we could save more lives. YES, I’ll explain that at a later date.

2.       Some people believe that if we do not attack this leader of Syria, then we leave the door open for other crazy leaders to do the same thing.  This is false.  Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator; we attacked him, put him on trial and killed him.  I ask you dear friends, did the Syrian leader NOT see what we did to Saddam Hussein?  Did our actions toward Saddam Hussein halt the actions of this Syrian leader?  Did this Syrian leader think to himself, “I better not use poison gas on my people because America will not like it?”  NO, he did not.  War will not stop Primitive Barbaric thinking. 

So what should America do, you ask?  America should do nothing, Period!  WHAT?  America committed Genocide on its own people many years ago and continue to do so even today!  Yes, I’ll explain that at a later date.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do have my own think tank that I personally fund!


  1. Found it again ! Violence begets violence but the way of the world makes this decisions so crazy. There is such insane pressure to "go forward" So scary so sad.

  2. War, all wars is a Crime against Humanity¡
    In Freedom and Love¡