Saturday, August 31, 2013

Angry Lesbians Everywhere!

Lesbians, why are you so Angry? 

Dear Public, have you ever met a happy lesbian?  I personally have never met a happy lesbian/Man-Eater.  They all seem pissed and unhappy with life, someone called it, “penis envy.”   I am not bashing any lesbians; I am only stating the obvious.  Lesbians seem to be self-consumed, entreating everyone they know with contempt and rude speech, except their beloved pet puppies, WRONG, I never met a lesbian who liked dogs!!  Have you ever heard of a lesbian having a straight male friend?  Ahhhh NO! 
What about gay men?  Gay men seem to be happy all the time, plus they have a lot of straight female friends.  I suppose it’s gay to be gay.  Lesbians, maybe you should lighten up and be more like the gay men; at least they have straight friends.  This blog was not a homophobic bash nor any other derogatory plug, but rather a post about a common day visual, i.e. angry lesbians!

Disclaimer: There are some nice lesbians in the world, i.e. Ellen.

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