Sunday, December 14, 2014

Atheist, Why they so Angry?

Atheist have got to be the angriest human beings on this planet! Lol, every atheist I have ever met, is angry about LIFE! What the “uckF” is wrong with them? I meet a lot of educated atheist also, these are the worst! Once again I ask, what the “uckF” is wrong with them, why are they so angry? Please take a chill-pill Atheist; No one is trying to make you believe in God or that he created you, or that he loves you!  What makes me laugh, is whenever you tell an Atheist, God loves them, they just about have a brain aneurysm from being so pissed! Honestly, I don't “uckF” with Atheist, because I cannot deal with all that negative energy! Dear Atheist, I am joking with you, don't be so mad about LIFE!

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Muslims and Christians, how does that ISH work?

OOOOH, I am about to hit one of those sensitive topics, but I am Leon, this is what I do! So I was pondering on a bible verse: “If any man says that Jesus is not the Christ, then that man is not of God.” Muslims don't believe Jesus is the one true son of God, so what does that make them, AntiChrist?  OOOOH, question, can a Muslim and Christian be friends with such opposing views and is it possible for them to coincide for a season with differing beliefs? Will the ISH eventually hit the fan? I'm just asking; if you are brave enough to answer go ahead.

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Jesus Christ - The NON-peace keeper!

I didn't come to bring peace on earth but rather a fight. This is what Jesus said, yet the bible states blessed are the peace makers. How can you obey two opposing statements? The bible asked, “how can a man serve two masters, either he will hate the one and love the other, or cling to one and despise the other. Maybe Jesus was simply telling us what his intent was but not wanting us to do the same.......but wait, the bible says, “be ye Holy for Christ is Holy”......Would anyone like to attempt to dissolve the meaning of the above, those biblical scholars or any that would attempt to answer.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beware of the Chase!

Young men, be cautious of the chase! The woman you pursue might actually be the woman you catch; that's funny, but true. You should definitely not chase a woman only to sleep with her; what happens when she says yes and it becomes a relationship that you never intended?  Ten years later after you have married that woman you realize you never wanted more than just a one night fling. How did this happen you ask, I'll tell you, you caught what you chased. It happens to many men, so don't become a casualty of the chase. My advice is to only pursue a woman you can see as a wife, its safer than the latter; but sometimes the one you want as a wife could be similar to ------------
                               "Beware of Scarlett O'Hara!"

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Leon PSA- Jay Z

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Trayvon and Zimmerman; Bill and Amber

Here is a story, Bill and Amber were neighbors!  One night Amber was walking to her home holding a bag of skittles and a Dasani water, and she was wearing a hoodie.   Bill was 6’1 190lbs and a military veteran.  Bill decided that he wanted to RAPE Amber.  He followed her and approached her in the dark of the night behind their neighbors homes.  “REPEAT!”  He followed her and approached her in the dark!!!!  Amber turned around, because she knew someone intended to do her harm.  Amber decided she would protect herself and so the fight began. 

Bill was losing the fight; he started to scream as Amber pounded his head into the cement.  Bill pulled out his gun and shot Amber  to death.   Bills expert Attorney used the Zimmerman/Trayvon case as a PRECEDENT.  The jury ruled a NOT GUILTY verdict for Bill’s case!  He is grateful for the second chance he has been given.  Bill has now changed his technique for how he rapes women!   Bill wanted to send a special thank you out to the juries of the following cases: Trayvon/Zimmerman Jury, Casey Anthony Jury and the OJ Jury, because juries like you make it possible for killers to get a second chance!  Thank you!  THE END!

Leon Terrell Ash does not approve of this verdict!