Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TMZ is Ray Rice!

Today, I am not interested in passing judgment on Ray Rice's ignorance, but rather hold a mirror in the face of the media and all those who support it including myself! I to was talking ISHT about Ray when I heard of his actions, but lets look at this thing clearly. The media, particularly TMZ, did the same thing that RAY did, “they hurt people who are weaker.” Some say, “Leon, I'd never do what Ray did, that's crazy!” That may be true but what about the things that you do when you think no one is watching or recording?? Oh YOU KNOW what I'm talking about! Some say what RAY did is worse than what they've done, even though people kill other people daily with the “WORDS” from their mouth!!! TMZ, other media outlets and those pundits who hate Ray, just remember, “pull the beam out your eye, before you cast stones.”  I had to keep it bible one time!

No one wants to hear what I just said above, so I'll make it sweeter for you. I lied, I can't make it any nicer than it already is. TMZ and other media outlets are creating a society of “run and tell it,” type people. This causes negative discourse between families and friends thus preventing the natural way of forgiveness. Now, with that being said, I am about to go and watch TMZ, so I can “run and tell” some ISHT!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Work Hard, get Ahead! "Truth or Myth?"

If you had asked me around the year of 2005 if I liked “working hard” I would have given you a polite, “HELL NAW,” because I didn't curse back then. It is only recently in my life that I have taken the time to decipher this term, “working Hard.” The term “hard work” has become a negative phrase.

It seems we have become so entitled, that we start believing we DESERVE to be rich? This is funny to me, because I too was apart of this entitled philosophy. Even the poorest Americans suffer from entitlement issues. The middle class, if there still is one, has become angry because they say the rich are getting greeder. I believe this is true for the rich, the middle class, and the poor in America. Everyone expects to be given financial freedom without “working hard.” I have grown to appreciate “hard work.” It is a delightful pleasure to me these days to know that I can accomplish anything I want through “hard work.” God rested on the seventh day!

You Can't Give Up on Working Hard:
You say, “Leon, I am angry about the hand I was dealt, and this hard work babble you speak of is not true, look at lottery winners, etc, etc.” I understand there are a few people who luck up but you are not that person! So if you are not that person, then what do you have left? You have “hard work.” What happens if you give up on “working hard?” If you give up on it then you will become poorer and weaker! I personally cannot afford to give up on the term, “working hard.” Giving up would make me to cynical which would only impede my progress. There are people who don't have the luxury of complaining and giving up; because they need to eat, they shake their heads at your spoiled and entitled attitude!

It takes time to get wealthy:
Never avoid “hard work.” It teaches you things you'd never learn if avoided. Hard work is a seed you plant, and very few people understand this concept. The bible says, “study the ant, you sluggard!” So remember, if you ever get negative feelings and think that your hard work is not paying off just remember, what else do you have if you give up on hard work? Its a slow process to gain financial freedom when you choose hard work as the pathway!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let the people UNIFY!

There is power in numbers! People have forgotten that they have the power to make change. It is the leaders who have abused the people and tricked them into thinking their voices don't matter. What people must do if they want a change to occur is to “UNIFY.” Lets look at some examples of how certain leaders/organizations ignored the cry of the people.

The Houston Texans football team had an opportunity to get a much needed quarterback on their team but they refused that opportunity. That organization ignored the cry of the fans and the people of that city, who spent their money over many seasons to support a losing team! If a sports team/organization and its leaders refuse to listen to the people who support them, then they are traitors to their supporters. What do most countries do to a traitor? I’m not encouraging anyone to take it that far, but I will encourage the people to unify, keep your dollars until your voice is heard! REPEAT: “keep your dollars until your voice is heard.”

 Governmental leaders refuse to listen to the cry of the people. WE the people must UNIFY. Without unity it becomes almost impossible to make change. The blacks unified during the civil rights! The gays unified in this current century! If we want our voices heard, we must UNIFY! My proposal, let a large number of people come together under a common goal; put your personal agendas aside and support whatever change you are trying to make happen. Leon believes it can be done!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disrespected Fathers!

Disrespect of fathers has become an epidemic in America. What is happening? Why are children disrespecting the father? I love and respect my father to much, I'd kill myself before I would do some dumb ISH like that. I have come up with some possible reasons.
Is it that men are marrying women who already have children? Follow me, I say 50% of women who have children and get remarried, tend to give the children more power than the new husband. This is not a scientific fact but it is an observatorial fact. “Give the power,” that is exactly the deal in 50% of those cases. What about fathers who have their own children and still get disrespected, whats the reason?
I believe these fathers suffer disrespect because they allow it! Christian an Muslim fathers should not have this problem, and if they do, it is as I said before, because they allow it. What are the solutions: 1. Do not allow your children to disrespect you. 2. You must understand that God is supreme and if you believe that and live by that then all should be well in your home.
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Leon Terrell Ash

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beware of the Chase!

Young men, be cautious of the chase! The woman you pursue might actually be the woman you catch; that's funny, but true. You should definitely not chase a woman only to sleep with her; what happens when she says yes and it becomes a relationship that you never intended?  Ten years later after you have married that woman you realize you never wanted more than just a one night fling. How did this happen you ask, I'll tell you, you caught what you chased. It happens to many men, so don't become a casualty of the chase. My advice is to only pursue a woman you can see as a wife, its safer than the latter; but sometimes the one you want as a wife could be similar to ------------
                               "Beware of Scarlett O'Hara!"

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Angry Lesbians Everywhere!

Lesbians, why are you so Angry? 

Dear Public, have you ever met a happy lesbian?  I personally have never met a happy lesbian/Man-Eater.  They all seem pissed and unhappy with life, someone called it, “penis envy.”   I am not bashing any lesbians; I am only stating the obvious.  Lesbians seem to be self-consumed, entreating everyone they know with contempt and rude speech, except their beloved pet puppies.  Have you ever heard of a lesbian having a straight male friend?  Ahhhh NO! 
What about gay men?  Gay men seem to be happy all the time, plus they have a lot of straight female friends.  I suppose it’s gay to be gay.  Lesbians, maybe you should lighten up and be more like the gay men; at least they have straight friends.  This blog was not a homophobic bash nor any other derogatory plug, but rather a post about a common day visual, i.e. angry lesbians!

Disclaimer: There are some nice lesbians in the world, i.e. Ellen.