Friday, January 15, 2016

Origin of the DAB

So many people believe the DAB came from a few rappers, but I am here to tell you not to believe it, because that is a falsity.  DAB originated from the kids growing up like me who were poor.  Let me explain, often times we didn’t have enough deodorant in the house to go around, so I would scrap the sides of the deodorant container and smear it under my arms. 
When I would get to school I needed to know if I was musty or not, and so I would, DAB!  Back in those days it wasn’t called DABBING, it was called, being SURE THAT I WASN’T MUSTY, but FRESH!!! I didn’t want to be secretly/loudly musty!!  The DAB is nothing new.  When I see people DABBING, It only appears they are checking to see if they are FRESH/SURE!!!  DAB on em’.

Message approved by: Leon Terrell Ash

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minimalist Apartments SCAM!!

Say NO to miniature/ small apartments!! I have seen a moving trend of real estate developers building small apartments in the name of environment and calling them minimalist apartments.  First, I am a minimalist and I believe in owning less and thus having more money. My argument with the miniature apartment concept is that apartments do not apply when you speak of minimalism.  A house on the other hand does apply because a house is owned and not rented.  The reason apartments do not apply is that these fancy card board cut-outs are being rented for prices that will soon increase; thus leaving the renter paying more money for less apartment space. It’s a terrible idea!!!  Don't pay more money for less apartment!! That's wrong!!! They are building cages and prison cells and calling them luxury minimalist apartments. There is no such thing as a minimalist apartment, but there is a such thing as hustling a lot of people out of money and telling them the little small space they reside in is in fact a minimalist constructed apartment. If you want to live in a small home then build it on your own land. I guarantee you, Leon Ash has not fallen for the minimalist apartment SCAM.   I live in a 770 sqft, 12 ft ceilings apartment.

I have one couch, one TV, one bed, and nothing else. It’s a big empty home, but I love it!!!!!!! These are pictures of my place.  If you want to live in a minimalist lifestyle, don’t rent a small apartment to make you feel like you are living the lifestyle.  You can rent a nice size apartment and better than that you can buy a small home.

Don’t get SCAMMED!!!
This message approved by Leon Terrell Ash.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I love me some HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!

Aint nothing like the "H" baby!  I don’t know how to explain it but to ME, Houston Texas has the most beautiful DAYS!!! I mean, when I step outside, I get a NEW since of LIFE and Well-Being!  My inner being becomes excited, when I look up and see the beautiful sky, the beautiful trees, the beautiful buildings and the beautiful people.  Listen, I love the Bay and I love Los Angeles, but they hold no comparison to Me.  Houston is my first Love, Real Talk! I live in this city, and I want to support this city. 

I want to see it grow! I want to see it prosper!  I want to promote progress here for others!   When I go to Oakland, Cali, I love the place but I have one fault with it.  I wish Oakland would promote the cleaning of its downtown like Houston.  Houston has a clean downtown. Trash is dealt with appropriately thus promoting the newness of this city. Thank GOD for Houston, now I know what the slogan means, “Born an American, but Bless to be a TEXAN!” I love me some Houston! Okay, Let me stop, I got to go outside and enjoy Memorial Park and then maybe even Galveston! Deuces.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

NEW SONG "AFTER OAKLAND" - Leon Terrell Ash ft. Kafoeno



Friday, July 24, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Big Brother on CBS has captivated me!

You know what, I'm ashamed to say, but I am really digging Big Brother on CBS. I really enjoyed Season 15. If I don't catch the first show in the beginning, I wont watch it. Its sad how I am on twitter looking to see whats the latest headline, lol. Its a wonderful pleasure, something like an unhealthy sweet treat. I am not one of those super fans but I do enjoy the drama and sheer ridiculousness of the entire thing. I love to see the scheming and plotting that goes on. It is totally comical to me. Anyway, thats my spill about Big Brother on CBS! Also if you wanna do some Big Brother conversation hit me up on twitter at: