Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dream vs. Scheme

One day while sitting on my couch or rather my girlfriends couch it hit me. Why is my dream not making me rich? I finally understood that I never really wanted to write books; it was never my dream, it was only my scheme. Yes, I understood, often times when we do a scheme, we get it confused for a dream and thus we continue to devote time to a scheme that we shouldn't. I spent about 5 years are so of my life writing books, not because it was a burning desire to write books but because I had a desire to be rich. And so I wanted to work hard on this scheme which ended up becoming a waste of time and an exaggerated amount of money. I now understand that my dream does not have to be associated with my scheme or does it?  So my advice to all of you is, be careful on the time you commit to your scheme it could hurt you in the long run by taking time away from the dream.

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I remember I once had a friend who broke my heart. A good friend, but now my heart has grown, and this friend I once held esteemed, is know longer a speech between the scheme I spit and the …. I miss......(F.S.)

Lamentations ASH 3:16

The days seem boring and lonely when you have fallen off the horse. When its hard to get back on; I suppose dark times come to us all at least once or twice in our lives. I mean, problems, how many of us have them. It may seem impossible but even the great Leon gets stuck sometimes.
Its hard to get back on that horse when you know you have gotten stuck. That failure is a bad drug that we all taste every now and then, and it doesn't make it better just because you've tasted it before. The sun does shine but the sky is still dark and blue. Lamentation. Ash 3:16

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Atheist, Why they so Angry?

Atheist have got to be the angriest human beings on this planet, besides lesbians! Lol, every atheist I have ever met, is angry about LIFE! What the “uckF” is wrong with them? I meet a lot of educated atheist also, these are the worst! Once again I ask, what the “uckF” is wrong with them, why are they so angry? Please take a chill-pill Atheist; No one is trying to make you believe in God or that he created you, or that he loves you!  What makes me laugh, is whenever you tell an Atheist, God loves them, they just about have a brain aneurysm from being so pissed! Honestly, I don't “uckF” with Atheist, because I cannot deal with all that negative energy! Dear Atheist, I am joking with you, don't be so mad about LIFE!

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Muslims and Christians, how does that ISH work?

OOOOH, I am about to hit one of those sensitive topics, but I am Leon, this is what I do! So I was pondering on a bible verse: “If any man says that Jesus is not the Christ, then that man is not of God.” Muslims don't believe Jesus is the one true son of God, so what does that make them, AntiChrist?  OOOOH, question, can a Muslim and Christian be friends with such opposing views and is it possible for them to coincide for a season with differing beliefs? Will the ISH eventually hit the fan? I'm just asking; if you are brave enough to answer go ahead.
FYI; I can talk like this because I have Muslim associates and friends and they know, Leon would rather a man believed in God rather than NO God!!!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

EBOLA, CDC, and YOU, the Healthcare Worker

Below I have place two pictures. One picture shows how the CDC dress to treat patients with Ebola and the other show what everyday healthcare workers have as protection from Ebola.
Is there something wrong in these two pictures? We have a government who has played the US citizens for STUPID! True we the US citizens have voluntarily gone dumb due to much entertainment! But, I ask again, is there something wrong in these two pictures? 
I will not write a long blog because it only takes half a brain to see whats going on here! The government, prior to bringing the Ebola virus to our soil, passed new stronger quarantine measures! WHAT! WHY? The future, if deemed necessary, the government will restrict your freedoms and lock you up for an elevated temp. DEAR Healthcare worker you may be asking, “Leon what shall we do?” Leon has an answer but I will only send them to those who ask. I am controversial.


  1. Will the government blame ER nurses for not being vigilant?
  2. Will the leaders of our government ever get Ebola themselves?
  3. Whats the deal with this Enterovirus D68?
  4. Will you take care of an Ebola patient at your hospital?
  5. Can LEON ASH answer all these questions? YES I can!
  6. Will LEON ASH answer these questions for you? It depends on who is asking.


  1. Ebola can live outside the body for days.
  2. Ebola will revamp itself soon.
  3. LEON ASH got solutions.
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