Saturday, May 3, 2014

YOU are Alone!

Today I do not come with a long speech or rhetoric on being strong but rather the realities of life. Sometimes when you fall down and you are busted and there is no help anywhere; your reality or rather THE reality is you are all alone. Yes my friends, we must acknowledge that no one in life can help you or free you from many of lifes situations. I will go so far as to tell you that its not even wise to tell another human your problems because that human also has problems. Here is a question, what happens when a wise man does an unwise action? What happens when a rich man becomes poor? Both these individuals will tell you the same thing I am telling you; you are on your own.

I have advice for you, 1. do not go broke; 2. do not seek help it doesn't exist; 3. if you are under the illusion that you can call on someone, change that mindset hurriedly! I am not trying to bring you down mentally but rather get you mentally prepared for reality! I personally believe that if you don't fight for life abundantly then you should fight for death hurriedly.

Leon Terrell Ash

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disrespected Fathers!

Disrespect of fathers has become an epidemic in America. What is happening? Why are children disrespecting the father? I love and respect my father to much, I'd kill myself before I would do some dumb ISH like that. I have come up with some possible reasons.
Is it that men are marrying women who already have children? Follow me, I say 50% of women who have children and get remarried, tend to give the children more power than the new husband. This is not a scientific fact but it is an observatorial fact. “Give the power,” that is exactly the deal in 50% of those cases. What about fathers who have their own children and still get disrespected, whats the reason?
I believe these fathers suffer disrespect because they allow it! Christian an Muslim fathers should not have this problem, and if they do, it is as I said before, because they allow it. What are the solutions: 1. Do not allow your children to disrespect you. 2. You must understand that God is supreme and if you believe that and live by that then all should be well in your home.
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Leon Terrell Ash

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beware of the Chase!

Young men, be cautious of the chase! The woman you pursue might actually be the woman you catch; that's funny, but true. You should definitely not chase a woman only to sleep with her; what happens when she says yes and it becomes a relationship that you never intended?  Ten years later after you have married that woman you realize you never wanted more than just a one night fling. How did this happen you ask, I'll tell you, you caught what you chased. It happens to many men, so don't become a casualty of the chase. My advice is to only pursue a woman you can see as a wife, its safer than the latter; but sometimes the one you want as a wife could be similar to ------------
                               "Beware of Scarlett O'Hara!"

Approved by Leon Terrell Ash and Rhett Butler

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Discrimination on

I have recently become aware of the discrimination that is using against certain writers. we writers who use your website would like for the discrimination to stop!  Amazon offers certain categories to certain writers and not to others.  If you place a book on and it is not selling, do not assume that your product is not good, but ask yourself why your book is not in the same category as other books.  I will use my own experience as an example.  Recently I have been back and forth in unnecessary debates with Amazon, trying to get them to stop discriminating!  They will not offer me the correct category I need to place my books in.  The following is my letter to 

To whom it may concern, I have 4 children books and I do not see the children’s category available.  WHY IS THIS??  I would like for you to place my books in the children categories immediately.  And please do not reply to me with a stupid reply like the last time.  Please take the time to resolve this issue.  It appears Amazon is being very discriminatory in its practices with certain people.  I would like for the discrimination to STOP!!! Allow my children books to be placed in the children’s category like all the other children books.
So if you find yourself in this predicament, my advice is, don't give up, rather work harder to sell your books yourself.  Amazon will soon fail from their discriminations; they will be replaced soon, in the meantime get out there and be creative.

Leon Terrell Ash Approves.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

NO WAR for Syria!

Many people are going to ask me, “Leon, how can you not support war to free the Syrian people from genocide?”   I will then turn around and ask, how will going to war, help the Syrian people?  The reality is, war will not stop BARBARIC leaders from being BARBARIC and primitive.  What we have in these foreign countries are a lot of ancient primitive thinkers with modern weapons, and that’s never a good combination.  Here is Leon’s proposal:

1.       Tell the news media to stop instigating fights.  If it were not for the news media always showing us troubles in every remote part of the world we could save more lives. YES, I’ll explain that at a later date.

2.       Some people believe that if we do not attack this leader of Syria, then we leave the door open for other crazy leaders to do the same thing.  This is false.  Saddam Hussein was a ruthless dictator; we attacked him, put him on trial and killed him.  I ask you dear friends, did the Syrian leader NOT see what we did to Saddam Hussein?  Did our actions toward Saddam Hussein halt the actions of this Syrian leader?  Did this Syrian leader think to himself, “I better not use poison gas on my people because America will not like it?”  NO, he did not.  War will not stop Primitive Barbaric thinking. 

So what should America do, you ask?  America should do nothing, Period!  WHAT?  America committed Genocide on its own people many years ago and continue to do so even today!  Yes, I’ll explain that at a later date.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do have my own think tank that I personally fund!

Angry Lesbians Everywhere!

Lesbians, why are you so Angry? 

Dear Public, have you ever met a happy lesbian?  I personally have never met a happy lesbian/Man-Eater.  They all seem pissed and unhappy with life, someone called it, “penis envy.”   I am not bashing any lesbians; I am only stating the obvious.  Lesbians seem to be self-consumed, entreating everyone they know with contempt and rude speech, except their beloved pet puppies.  Have you ever heard of a lesbian having a straight male friend?  Ahhhh NO! 
What about gay men?  Gay men seem to be happy all the time, plus they have a lot of straight female friends.  I suppose it’s gay to be gay.  Lesbians, maybe you should lighten up and be more like the gay men; at least they have straight friends.  This blog was not a homophobic bash nor any other derogatory plug, but rather a post about a common day visual, i.e. angry lesbians!

Disclaimer: There are some nice lesbians in the world, i.e. Ellen.